Team Greenbean 2012

Team Greenbean 2012

We are back.

Please join us April 21st at the Rose Bowl for the 2012 WALK NOW event benefitting Autism Speaks.

For the first time, we have built our own website as well … check out the pictures from years past, and information about our group.


This is our seventh year rallying friends and family to support our son Tyler and his fellow members of the Autism community.  Tyler is now a 9 year old boy, trying to connect with the world.  Like Tyler, there are a number of parents out there that are rendered speechless by the epidemic that is Autism.

When we began our efforts to expand Team Greenbean years ago, one stated goal was to raise awareness in the community of kids like Tyler.  Now, the sad truth is, we get a call almost monthly from someone who has a child on the spectrum or a family member who suspects a diagnosis is coming.  This is an unscientific study, and is at the same time scary for our society, and satisfying for us as parents to think that we can offer a bit of support and assistance to parents of the newly diagnosed.


Autism Speaks is making great strides nationwide on the awareness front.  No doubt, this is in part due to the money we have raised at Team Greenbean.  Further, that increase in discussion about Autism leads directly to research into the disorder, and into the development of services for these kids.
One thing we have begun to think about is what happens to kids like Tyler when they get a bit older.  We are learning daily about the severe lack of facilities and services available for these ‘kids’ as they turn 20, 25, 30 … etc.  As Tyler turns 10 this year, we will begin to tilt some of our effort to this soon-to-be personal issue which so greatly affects his future.


In the meantime, Tyler is living here in Los Angeles, making progress in many areas.  As we shared last year, Tyler is fairly obsessed with his computer and YouTube.  His eclectic taste ranges from Portuguese THOMAS THE TRAIN videos to intense studies of the ARTHUR opening credits.  He has been surfing twice a week, attending Leaps & Boundz gymnastics and Freedom Riders for hippo therapy.  He gets special swim lessons to strengthen his body from Nicole Zelazny.

We recently moved to the Westwood area to a home that provides Tyler more space to work with his team of therapists from Behavior & Education.  Shir, helen and Christina are vital to Tyler as he seeks an independent life.  Additionally, Tyler has had amazing OT intervention with Uyen Nguyen, and music therapy with Andy Tubman.  These are the so-called ‘official’ services.  Tyler also has a team of a dozen helpers including Debby, Dorrey, Amber, Maria, Amy, Linda and Lee .. No one gets enough credit.

His bus from The Help Group picks him up in the am, and now there is an appropriate place for him to work after the 6 hour school day.  Tyler continues to receive incredible support from his doctor pals at UCLA, specifically Connie Kasari and Jim McCracken;  we are proud that Connie’s research has been supported by your dollars contributed to Autism Speaks.

We are incredibly lucky to have these services.  Without them, Tyler would be lost.  With the economy in a clearly challenged place, it is interesting that politicians from both parties have been dropping the ‘A’ word in debates and interviews — they know that there is a desperate constituency trying to gauge who would be more likely to keep or cut their treasured services.  November is a big month, clearly.  You can read up on Autism Speaks initiatives in politics on their website:  AutismVotes.


As many of you know, we have walked with Autism Speaks each year since Tyler was three.  The Walk has grown, as has Team Greenbean.  We have had thousands of partners donate anywhere from $5 to $10,000 each year.  We have raise over $1,000,000 for this great cause.

This year, our goal is to raise $1 more than last.  Simple.

Further, we want to continue to help other parents deal with an initial diagnosis, assist in funding our favorite doctors and researchers, and begin to look for adult opportunities for Tyler.  As parents, this is the equivalent of putting your kid on the college track while in second grade.


We will once again meet with kids and families at the Rose Bowl on April 21.  It takes some time to get to the Rose Bowl, and another half hour to sift thru traffic.  But the environment for learning is great.  Your kids will walk away feeling like they contributed to something important.

We walk around the Rose Bowl at slow speed (90 year olds have done it!).  It is about 3+ miles and we do it in an hour.

That evening, we invite our fundraisers back to our home for a celebration.  The party is special this year as we will be opening up our new home to our friends and family for the first time.


  1. Go to the website for Team Greenbean.
  2. If you plan to walk, join the team
  3. If you would like to simply donate, just click on any name and fill out the form.
  4. If this is too complicated, send a check to AutismSpeaks to my office.
  5. Come to the WALK or come to the PARTY (details to follow).
  6. Keep track of our success on these emails (sorry) or on our new website.


We are honored, as always, to host Team Greenbean once again.

The event has become an important part of our family, and an easy way to share to Tyler’s story with the world.  He’s an amazing kid, as are all of these children.  Your donation will help many of these kids to overcome some the obstacles this disorder presents.

 Ari & Andrea / Tyler & Avery


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