Spanish-Speaking ABA services

Behavior and Education (BAE) is excited to announce that we now offer Spanish-Speaking ABA services for English Language Learners (ELL) with Autism and other behavioral disabilities!!

Our Spanish-speaking services include:

  • Direct ABA intervention offered in both Spanish and English
  • ABA Supervision and Parent Education provided by a Spanish-Speaking ABA Supervisor
  • Parent Education handouts and services offered in Spanish
  • Reports provided in both Spanish and English
  • BAE website “Español” link translates the entire site to Spanish (

Consumers of ABA services living in Spanish-speaking homes often have stronger receptive language skills in Spanish, but live in a community where the primary language is English. Using techniques for ELL and ABA, our behavior therapists assist children in developing functional skills across their primary language environments.

Family involvement is critical in achieving successful outcomes for individuals with autism and other behavioral disabilities. Due to language barriers, Spanish-speaking families often do not have the same access to information about their child’s development. Our new Spanish-speaking division at BAE is intended to empower families through parent education to support their child’s growth.

Behavior and Education (BAE) is a non-public ABA agency in the Los Angeles area. We are vendored with Westside Regional Center, Harbor Regional Center, local school districts, and insurance companies.

Please call 310-406-1500 today to get this process started for your Spanish-speaking families!


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